born fry


        Heather, Marguerite, Clover, and Jasmine were Hens.  They lived in the little community of Coopersville on Coopers Chicken Or The Egg Free Range Farm.

It was Sunday.  Heather, Marguerite, Clover, and Jasmine were attending a sermon by the Reverend Rooster Gluck who was clucking, “When the Grim Farmer’s Wife comes for you will you be ready for Skillet?  Or will you have chosen that world beyond chicken wire (our ancestors called it Frydom) ruled by Coyote himself?”

The congregation clucked, “Praise Skillet.”

After the service Heather, Marguerite, Clover, and Jasmine strutted around Coopersville.

Heather asked her three friends, “Do you believe in Skillet?”

Marguerite clucked, “Pluck, no.”

Clover clucked, “You can see Frydom beyond the fence.  We’ve all seen… Coyote.  If they exist then Skillet must exist, right?”

Jasmine asked Marguerite, “When the Grim Farmer’s Wife comes for us where do you think we go?”

Marguerite replied, “Back to the Egg we came from.”

Heather clucked, “When did you become an Egg Firster?”

Marguerite clucked, “I know a Crow…”

Heather, Clover, and Jasmine fluttered and squawked, “Crow?!  Crows are the minions of Coyote!  Are you Plucked Up?!”

Marguerite clucked, “Follow me.”

Heather clucked, “I don’t know…”

Marguerite clucked, “Lunch is on my friend.”

Clover and Jasmine clucked, “You scared us.  You’re acting like a head with her chicken cut off.  Who is your friend that we don’t know?”

Marguerite led them to the far corner of Cooperville.

Heather, Clover, and Jasmine suddenly fluttered and squawked.  There in front of them was a dead Crow writhing with maggots.

Marguerite clucked, “Lunch.”

As the four hens bobbed and pecked plump little maggots out of the Crow, Marguerite told the story of the Crow.

“I met this fallen Crow here on the earth.  He told me that The Grim Farmer’s Son had struck him with a stone.  I asked him if he had seen Skillet Above during his flights.  He said that he only saw Frydom.  I asked him where he was going now.  He said he was going to his last supper.  I asked him where that was.  He said everything was in front of our eyes but we refused to see it.”

Heather clucked, “That is a very odd riddle.”

Clover clucked, “Crows are deceivers says Reverend Rooster Gluck.”

Marguerite clucked, “The Crow said ‘Life is an Egg and the Yolk is on us’.”

Jasmine clucked, “And you believed him?”

Marguerite clucked defensively, “I listened to him.”

Heather clucked, “So if Life is an Egg what hatches next?”

Marguerite clucked, “I was too chicken to ask.”

Heather clucked, “Oh, come on, Ladies, who really knows?”

Heather, Marguerite, Clover, and Jasmine finished their meal of maggots, leaving behind just the Crow’s feathers and bones.

Minutes later a Dust Devil resurrected the Crow’s feathers into the clear blue sky.






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