I.                    Entrance
Welcome to the Exit doorway.
Walk along beside the cages,
Smell the fear and see our victims.
Innocent in age and purpose.
Grant to them a Rest Eternal.
On them shine the Light Unending.

II.                  Kyrie, Cage 141
Kyrie, press against the cage bars.
Press a knife into my heartache.
Scalding tears condense in silence.
Burning prayers ignite my stone tongue.
Hear my prayer, Oh, Lord, I beg you
Please, to spare them, Source of Mercy.
III.                Christe, Cage 149
Christe, you are glad to see me.
Never judging what I won’t do.
Softly do you call so sweetly.
Grant to me your absolution.
Day of wrath, day of anger
To The Judge all flesh will cometh.

IV.                Sequence
What did you do but be born free?
Always there must be a payment.
All things closely are accounted.
Money is the social scaffold.

Law is just the social plumber
Hooking pipes up to the sewer.
God has granted my dominion.
I decree your lives are over.
On the day of Retribution,
Please don’t leave my soul in ashes.

V.                  Miraculous Trumpet
Drums of death the truck is loading.
We can sell your flesh for dog food.
Truth proclaimed is like a trumpet.
What was hidden is revealed now.
Feasts of Sacrifice we purchase
At the market for our puppy.
Honk our horn at every stray cat.
All that freedom is disturbing.
Hear my prayer.  To You all flesh comes.
Who shall intercede for me, Lord?

VI.                Great King
I Creation’s Crown have tarnished.
Putting price on every Creature.
All my prayers remain unworthy.
Please, Lord, spare me, Source of Mercy.

VII.              Remember
I would rather be forgotten.
Severed from my own remembrance.
Dowse the shameful embers in me.
Arrogant, I kneel before you.
Faint and weary You have sought me,
My salvation caused your suffering,

VIII.            Wicked Silence
Close my mouth and hear my heatbeat.
Unavenged will nothing left be.

IX.                Crying
Can I stand the constant barking
As I pass between the cages?
I to whom they still are loyal,
Can I give them understanding?
From their ashes, fertilizer.
Put it in my pretty garden.
Where my puppy digs the flowers
Looking for the bones I buried.
Hear my prayer, Oh, Lord, I beg you
Please, to spare them, Source of Mercy.

X.                  Offerings
Blood and ash upon the altar.
Smash apart the dove piñata.
Little treasure liberated.
Liberate the faithful souls, Lord,
Lest they fall into the darkness.
Pain of hell have we created.

XI.                Sacrificial Victims
Picnic with the wine and breadsticks.
We are not the savage Mayans.
Slit the throat and drink the blood warm.
Euthanize my guilty conscience.
Take from us these sacrifices,
Made to no one and for nothing.

XII.              Lamb of God
How for us did God the Lamb serve?
Lamb Chops, Stew, Eggplant Lasagna?
Curry, Rack, With Spinach Stuffing?
Shanks, With Artichoke Risoto?
Lamb of God my sins you carry,
Unto Heaven, shall I worry?

XIII.            Communion
Little boys are made of puppies.
Little girls are made of kitties.
Death Row Saints are made of grownups.
Merciful, You are in Silence.
Could you not give Word to Justice?

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