See? I know!  I told you so: Self-reliance.

Maybe living out of this car is alright

Just as long as both of us get sleep this night.

Our alliance

            Like warm breath inside of our car condenses

            As the night surrounding us freezes one inch

            Higher than our habitat.  Struggling, I cinch

            All my senses

Eating cold fried French-cut potatoes plus cream.

Was I always out-of-it?  Giving someone

All my time and someone else every hard won

Claim to my dream?

            In the hour before dawn, with my goblins

            I steal silver shamefully from the newsstand.

            With it we have just enough bait and both land

            Egg McMuffins

That we eat in just three bites.  Then we eddy

To the bathrooms.  Fumbling with the water

Rubbing soap onto my beard, starting slaughter,

Hands unsteady

            With the old disposable razor I kept.

            We drank all that bottle of Nyquil last night

            Fifty-proof cold medicine outshines Bud Lite.

            You and I slept.

Still our heads are really numb.  Was it worth it?

Wine’s not cheaper.  Harder to fit my jacket.

So to steal it isn’t as smooth a racket.

Holy horseshit!

            Toilet paper!  Don’t forget that again, please.

            You can stuff it into your purse for later.

            I am not an underwear cultivator.

            Facing stories

In the mirror, taking a last look feeling

Far away from everything that I still see

Widely split.  I can’t get around it in me


            All that we believed-in is gone into haze.

            One year this day (am I again to be old?)

            Our fish market had to be closed and then sold.

            Recall replays:

Kissing you upon the full moon

(You were just the sweetest sixteen).

Bumping heads the very next day.

(Thoughts of mine were really obscene).

Getting that new job on the First

(In the month of no Halloween).

Hurt my head again two more times

(Somehow, somewhere there in-between).

Tea I drank and poetry thought.

(Even now who knows what I mean?).

In the meantime:

Pardon me for day-dreaming in this bathroom

While you open alleyway doors and break-out

In those red marks over your face as I doubt,

Like a bridegroom,

            Waking up from everything he knew better,

            Asking himself “Can it be eating too well

            Is the thing that’s making her stomach out-swell

            That loose sweater?”

As you stumble up against that last frontier

Slumping back and sliding-on down to cold ground

Eyes closed, laughing “Since I am clearly earth-bound

I’ll wait right here.”

            Hope you hear that cop stopping in his rover

            Kneeling so you focus on him saluting.

            Please hear “Madam President, no disputing:

            Fun is over.”

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