Dear Sod,

A Men,

Why do you take my kitty?

It will be my birthday.

Zooey is my kitty.

My dad he finds Zooey at his work for me.

My mom says he is a gift from Sod to me.

Zooey is a baby kitty all alone.

He is so skinny.

Zooey has fleas like pepper my dad says.

My dad gives little Zooey a bath to kill the Fah King Fleas.

Zooey is wet and small and he doesn’t move too much.

We give Zooey a box in the bathroom.

My dad says don’t expect to see him in the morning.

But in the morning I open the bathroom door and little Zooey says hi to me.

He looks like a fuzzy ball now.

Zooey plays in the house or he goes to hide in the hay bales near the horse acre.

My mom she loves Zooey.

She feeds him turkey because she says he is still too skinny.

Today is my birthday.

But today My mom asks me if I have seen Zooey.

She says when it is hot Zooey comes in the kitchen.

She looks for Zooey in the house.

She textiz my dad at his work.

She looks around all the hay bales.

She textiz my dad at his work.

She looks in the horse acre.

She textiz my dad at his work.

My dad leaves his work to come home and he doesn’t stop to get us susplize.

It is dark when my dad comes home.

He stops his truck and he gets out with his lectric lantern.

Me and my dad look in the hay bales.

We look in the whole horse acre.

Back and forth.

Our two horses Bratwurst and Babka help us look.

I hear my mom ask my dad if it was a Dam Coyote!

My dad asks my mom to try to remember if she saw Zooey in the morning.

He says if Zooey was here in the morning it isn’t a coyote likely.

My mom thinks she saw Zooey in the morning.

Zooey come home!

It is late now.

I don’t want any birthday cake until with Zooey.

My mom says now maybe Sod took him back.

Sod gives.

Sod takes away

Everything is Sod’s.

Sod, why do you want my Zooey?

It is my birthday, Sod.

I’m going to cry.

– Claude DeGrasse






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