IMAGINARY LETTER no. 4 (12/8/13)

 kathy at castle



Dearest K,

        I burned your letters tonight.  The different hued papers and inks with which you would write to me made a colorful flame.

        I realize that my letters to you were disposed of long ago.

        There had been a cold rain so I made the little fire on a hill under the stars.  I thought I should immolate myself on that pyre

        You are a flame in my mind.  Since our time together I know I have spent my life with my head on backwards watching that distant flame as if you were still near.  In that manner I have bumped into other women and hurt them

        A billion billion fiery cataclysms led to us meeting.  I want to be grateful for that, not bitter

        I needed a ceremony.  It had to end in fire as it had all begun

        Yes, I crippled myself loving you.

        No, I’m sorry, that is not true.  There is no one like you.  That’s all

        I was lucky to know you.  And for too long I have needed my memory of you to be encased in perspective and placed in amber, a sacred relic, not blinding my eyes every day

        I have lived my whole life with a NONsense of destiny.  I have put myself against the Gates of Hell too many times with expectations.

        I have cursed and dishonored the very forces that created the two of us.

        No more.

        I shall be grateful for your daily breath.


Alan Grody


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