Oh, God, my head.  Bitch, this is your worst hangover ever!

Where am I?

Jesus, what is my name?!

Oh, yeah, “Leanna”.  How stupid.

God, fuck me.  I’ve never been that drunk before.

Shit, was I given a date-rape drug!?

Come on, bitch, open your eyes.


They are open!

I’m blind!!

Stand up, bitch!

Oh, God, I’m blind!  I’m blind!!

Help!  Help me!  Somebody!

Oh, thank God.  Who are you?  I can’t see anything.

Don’t shush me!  I’m fucking blind!  Help me.  Who are you?

How many of you are there?  Can you see?

What?!  What the fuck is this!?  Who are you!?  Who did this!?  Where are we!?

How can you not fucking know!?

Help!!  Help!!

Don’t touch me!  Help!!  Who are you!?  Tell me or I’ll scream even louder!!

Oh, God, oh, God!

I don’t believe you.

How can you not know?

I was at Casa Sangria dancing with everyone else, the “Dancing Dead Halloween Uprising”,  I, I was doing Sangria Shooters.  There was this guy…

Yeah.  That sounds like the same guy!

Wait! What is that!?  I heard a door open!

Aaaah!  Who is screaming!?

Stop screaming!  Why are you all screaming!?  What is it!?  What is it!?

I heard the door close!

What!?  “Serena” is missing!?  What the fuck do you mean!?

What do you mean “like the others”!?

Fuck you all, what do you mean!?

Who is that screaming!?


It’s coming from outside here.

Where are the fucking walls?  Move, bitch.  This room doesn’t sound very big.

What is going on!?

Fuck you, you can all hold hands, I’m not doing anything until you tell me what is happening!


Yeah, fucking hi, I’m Leanna.  Leanna Donner.

We are all girls?  Did we all get here the same way?

“Luke”?  Yeah!  That was the guy.  I remember.  Luke Halloren.  That’s it!

What the fuck is happening?

Well don’t you think you’d better figure it out faster?

OK, Ok.  If we all hold hands no one else can be taken without all of us.

Fuck yeah we’ll fight.  Gouge eyes.  Just bite his throat out!!  Bite out any flesh you can!

I don’t care!  Whoever did this should die!!

What is that smell?  It smells like shit!  I’m going to puke.

What!?  How long have you all been in here?

Oh, God, I don’t want to die!

Fuck you!  You calm down!

OK, OK.  Together.


Have you all tried pounding on the walls?


Where is the damn door, then.  Flush with the wall?  You’ve tried with your fingernails?


OK, OK, I agree.  We all have to be quiet and listen.  The plan is: one touch and we all attack.  Hold hands.

OK, maybe we should sit down back to back?

I doubt we’ll all fall asleep.

Fuck, no I don’t want to sit in shit.

Does he feed us?  Water?

Fuck, we’re dead.

I’m sorry, I’m just scared.  This is the kind of unbelievable shit you hear on the news.

Yeah, how do we know the lights aren’t on?

We are so fucked.  First chance: kill, we’d better kill.

Wait!  Shhh!

I hear something.  Shh, the door.

Aaaaah!  Aaaah!  Grab him.  Everyone!  Kill!  Kill!

Rrrr!  Arr!  Rrrrr-mmm.  Mmmm.  Mmmm.  Rrrr-rrr!  Mmm.  Mmmm.  Mmm.

Stop!  Stop!  He isn’t moving.

What!?  What!?

It’s Serena!?!

No, no, no, no, no!

Aaaaaah!  Aaaaah!  Aaaaah!

God!!  Oh, God, oh, God!


He tricked us!!

What have we done!?

Aaaaaah!  Aaaaaah!

He tricked us!!

I’m against a wall.  I must have scrambled backwards on my ass.  My hands are covered in shit.  I’m crying. Everyone is crying.  I am shaking.  I am huddling alone.  Mommy.


I hear the door opening.





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