Christians have made a crucial error

That’s funny
The root of the word “crucial” is the word “cross”

(Don’t be cross)

It is said that God is Love but the truth is that Love is God


Everything in Nature bears energy
Everything in Nature is driven to give that energy away
It is the archetype of Desire
To give that energy away and thereby cease to be

 (Energy is not a “thing”
Energy is a Relationship of “things”
Look at any mathematical description of “Energy”
It is always “something is moving relative to something else”)

All of Nature “desires” to give energy away, to yield its Form, to cease its Identity
Physicists call that “Entropy”
To become undifferentiated
To become God?
“God” is a form, a differentiation from utter nothingness
No Thing
Unimaginable nothingness
Love is the imagination of all those “things”
Love sustains Nature,
All Gods,
Love is God

Love is You to Me









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