in my blood 2


        The curtain opens.

        It is night in the streets of the Barahona Coast in the Dominican Republic.  Outside the Empalizada dance club a young girl sits on the curb under a pale streetlight.  She is disheveled and bloody.  She looks up and speaks.

        Me name is Yuisa.  Yes, she is Taino Indian name.  Yndios is in me blood.

        You are a nice policeman to help me.

        I be OK.

        I walk home.

        I live with me uncle Guamá.  Yes, he is Taino Indian name.  He is fisherman.

        Yes, I live with me uncle.

        When I be a little girl me family is poor so they give me to a rich family.  I suppose to clean they house.  They suppose to feed me and clothe me and educate me.  But they beat me.  They make me sleep in box.  Like a animal.  I must call other children “sir” and “missy”.  And the Man he.., when his wife not around, he try…, he hurt me, but I am still me own girl.

        Anyway, me uncle Guamá take me away one night.  He tell me he is me uncle Guamá and he take me to his home.  He is a fisherman.  He feed me, he give me clothes.  He teach me to fish with him.

        I am strong.  I am no afraid.

        Yes, he educate me.  He tell me all about Christ Colombo who come long time ago and kill my people and take from us the Mother of All Lands and call it Hispaniola.  Christ Columbo bring us the pus sickness and kill us and then bring the black man to work where we are gone.

        Me uncle Guamá he tell me all the time “Stay away from city” but Friday I come here at Empalizada.  I don’t want no trouble.  I like to dance.  I like merengue.

        Me uncle Guamá he tell me that merengue come from slave dance.  They feet chained together so they dance they feet like clap-clap, clap-clap.

        I like merengue.  It is in me blood.  The music be crazy fast and me feet clap-clap, clap-clap, but I hold me majestic above waist.  I like a boy hold me close and we hold hands so we don’t fly away.

        Yes.  That boy I like a lot.  I don’t want no trouble.

        Yes, Alonso he name.  He ask me every dance.  I no mind.  I don’t want no trouble.  We just dance.

        Then a girl come to us very mad.  She say to Alonso, “Yo’, Alonso, like, we break up only one week and already you here with this bitch?  What the fuck is that about?”

        Why you laugh at me?  That is what girl say.

        I don’t want no trouble.  But I don’t run.  It is in me blood.

        I say “You no even know me” and I try to calm to make peace.  It is in me blood.  I no want to get into something with her.  But she is ready to fight me.

        She fuck me up.

        I fuck her up.

        She leave, go with Alonso.

        I come out here.  You find me.

        I don’t want no trouble.

        Yes, me uncle Guamá be real mad if he see me.

        I go back to beach and I clean in ocean.  Me uncle Guamá be asleep.  He get up four in morning.

        I hide dress.  Fix later.

        Yes, I fish with him tomorrow.

        You think he sees me cuts?

        How you help me?

        You?  How can nurse be police?

        You fix prostitutas?!

        You can fix, maybe yes, but no tell me that!

        Yes, yes, I see men beat prostitutas very bad.  I see before.  I see.

        I am no mad.  No.  You are nice to help me.

        I am sorry also.

        That is medicina pouch on belt near pistol?

        OK, I sit here, you fix.  You no use pistol by mistake, OK?

        Your hands are like doctor.  Thank you.  You find pieces of that girl in my blood?

        You no have to do that.  I finish comb hair.  My hairbrush in street somewhere.

        Yes, you probably drive over me only hairbrush.  You are funny and nice policeman.

        Hello to you, “Toño”.

        OK, we can drive to me beach.  Thank you.  I am now very sore.  Can you help me stand up?

        Thank you, Toño.

        I hope you are no sorry, Toño.  Your fingers are now all in me blood.


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