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Title: “Lean On Me”, Artist: Lynn Cyr


        Bradley the Banana and Anjoulina the Pear first appeared together in Lynn Cyr’s painting entitled “Lean On Me”.  Their association became the subject of a much-publicized Fruit Bowl scandal when they were alleged to have begun an affair while Bradley the Banana was still Tutti Frutti with Ambrosia the Apple.

        Both Bradley the Banana and Anjoulina the Pear denied these allegations on several occasions, but both admitted that they “fell in love” during the still-life arrangement.

        Anjoulina the Pear explained, “To be a salad with a man who was already Tutti-Frutti is not something that I could forgive.  I wouldn’t be attracted to a Banana who would cross-pollinate.  My own father cross-pollinated behind my mother’s orchard.”

        During this summer Bradley the Banana and Anjoulina the Pear were seen next to each other in the Fruit Bowl with increasing frequency, and most of the horticulture media considered them a smoothie, dubbing them “Brananjoupear”.  On Thursday Anjoulina the Pear confirmed to Grow magazine that she was tart with the unripe of Bradley the Banana and thereby acknowledged their relationship for the first time.

        An advocate for Tutti-Frutti equality, Bradley the Banana told Gardening magazine on Friday that he and Anjoulina the Pear would get Tutti-Frutti only “when every fruit in the county who wants to be Tutti-Frutti is legally able.  A tomato is a fruit just like you and me and they should have the same right to Tutti-Frutti.”

        On Saturday Bradley the Banana and Anjoulina the Pear sued the tabloid Slice and Dice for falsely reporting that they were passé, a story that had been widely picked up by credible supermarket outlets.  The privacy claim was settled the following Monday for an undisclosed amount of juice, which was donated to the Sorbet Foundation, the “Brananjoupear” charity.  On Tuesday the couple displayed their rings and announced their compote.

        Two weeks previous, Anjoulina the Pear had adopted her first unripe, the young Toukolok the Mango, from a fruit stand in Cambodia-town.  The adoption process was halted when the U.S. Food and Drug Administration banned fruit from Cambodia amid allegations of fruit flies.  Once the ban was lifted, Anjoulina the Pear took custardy of Toukolok the Mango.

        On Wednesday Bradley the Banana accompanied Anjoulina the Pear to the Ethiopian restaurant to adopt six-month-old Zante the Raisin, tiny, seedless, and very sweet.

        On this Thursday Anjoulina the Pear yielded a daughter, Seckel-Anna the Pear-Flavored Banana.  Bradley the Banana and Anjoulina the Pear decided to sell the first still-lifes of Seckel-Anna the Pear-Flavored Banana through the distributor Lynn Cyr who painted the still-life in which they first fell in love.

        Today, Madame Tussauds in New York unveiled a wax-fruit figure of day-old Seckel-Anna the Pear-Flavored Banana.

        Like the relationship of Bradley the Banana and Anjoulina the Pear, their little unripe ones have gained considerable celebrity, based on their clippings and consumer-appeal rankings, and they appear regularly in supermarket flyers.

Based on Wikipedia “Brangelina”


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