Humid, penniless.
“The Last Beginning” occurs to me.
It will happen someday.
I’m weary of this.
All I do is reach for a distant past.
“It could always be worse” isn’t enough.
OK, so I have not the final say.  Finally, I’ll say it:  let go of expectation.
What is the point in thinking?
What does a cat think?
Be what?
A heart and lungs?
Maybe a penis!
Well, I am a dick.
Feelings should be and then be ejected like a bullet cartridge.
Why do they linger?
How screwed is evolution?
How sadistic is God?
That’s why there are orgasms.
How much of humanity would linger for a lifetime of this?
We all die in order to limit the pain we suffer and the damage we do.
Now that is intelligent design!
That ship has sailed and sunk.
All I do is dive for salvage.

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