IMAGINARY LETTER No. 1 (“no one”?) 7/17/13

 kathy at castle

IMAGINARY LETTER No. 1 (“no one”?) 7/17/13

Dearest K,


        See?  We are no more “strangers now” than we ever were.

        I’m glad you liked that story.  I think you’d like TWILIGHT IN PARIS.  I don’t know where that story came from but it was like taking dictation.  You might also like EUPHORANASIA and DANCING WITH THE BLACK BULL.  Again, I couldn’t type fast enough.

        I know I have a lot of irons in the fire with several serials on which I’m working but for now I’m staking out territory.  My realtor told me about a Mexican film producer who is shopping property nearby where he can build a film set for Westerns.  I’m developing SINS OF THE FATHER so it could be turned into a low budget Western script more about characters than special effects.

        The act of writing is the only thing in my life where I get what I want.  By the time I make any money at writing I’ll be able to pay for my Depends.

        I’ve become a hermit crab living in a shell of congeniality.  My characters are my friends.  I know, I know.  I hear the cuckoo clock.

        My oldest friend from fourth grade elementary school was in a sky-diving accident, not fatal, but he jammed his neck and spine and he’s on a LOT of medication.  I think the medications must have liquefied his brain.  We were giving him monetary help (I did not want the corrosion of a “loan”).  Finally when we were broke we had to ask that the next “installment” be a loan.  For some reason that offended him and we have not had communication for a long time.  That made me feel old because he was such a tether to my youth.

        My only other friend is an expatriate living in Germany.  I’ve known him since high school and in fact he was introduced to me by my erstwhile friend I mentioned above.  He too is a writer, a much keener judge of humanity.  He is the guy telling all the great jokes.  In a previous life he was a very successful salesman.

        My avatar in the allegedly real world years ago found a book entitled Innovation and Entrepreneurship by Peter F. Drucker in the bargain bin of a bookstore.  It was one of those transforming books.  I subsequently read all of his books and was evangelized to the possibilities of the practice of management and how powerful it was in this world.  Until then I was a worker bee who thought that management consisted of long meetings and dissociation from the actual work being done.  I read all of Peter Drucker’s works and became a proselyte and was finally hired into a management position.

        However, in the end I have been defeated.  Companies are neurotic “incorporations” just like people.  Doing the right thing is always a struggle apparently.  In the end people bow to their paycheck, understandably.  So there is still a reign of “artificial challenges created by bad management” and I never wonder anymore why a company goes out of business.  Fortunately for me where I work, there are still people who will come to me and tell me what nefarious schemes are afoot so that I can at least navigate with some hope of staying afloat.

        I’m afraid to look up and see how selfish I really am but I really don’t want to talk any more about me.  I’d rather hear from you.

        I’m good at imagining conversations.

Respectfully affectionately yours,

Alan Grody


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