I was told I was to be captain of this voyage

I wasn’t shown the manifesto

There are strange cries from below

The chaplain warns me not to question the Company Policy

The helmsman disregards my wishes and says he knows best the course

Why then was I hired?

To accept any blame?

To go down with the vessel?

The radioman won’t translate the transmissions

He tells me they are not to be spoken

He assures me there is a charted course

What choice do I have?

I want to get paid

I stand watch

The stars tick past

I draw meanings in the constellations

Still I hear the voices below

In the galley the cook prepares bread, fish, and wine

It is a comfort that I provide my body

How many have gone down?

I pace myself with thoughts of mutiny

But where ashore?

What was my care before I was born?

I too dream of lions on the beach

I stand on the water fathoms deep

There is life below


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