Socrates, you died today 

I love you and you are still my cat

Mom says you wurrrrr my cat but God wants you now, Mom says just like God wanted my Dad

God does just what he wants

When I do just what I want I get in trouble

You are not wurrrrr, Socrates

Mom says we are all going to die

I say God should make us all die right now and get all the sadness over with and Mom said someday he might just do that

God does just what he wants

I don’t have to like him

Socrates, you are big and friendly

You like me

You came to live in our backyard

Mom says our backyard is a jungle

Mom works and she says she can’t keep up the yard and she can’t afford help

Socrates, you like our backyard, don’t you

I know when you smile at me

Mom says you have a big head like a football, Socrates

You like me and smile and listen to me, don’t you Socrates

We are taking you with us when we move, Socrates

Mom says her new job cant pay for our house and the jungle yard

We are moving to a trailer for a thousand dollars every month

It has a dirt road and Mom won’t have to mow the jungle

You will like it there too, Socrates

I found you one day just lying in the clover and the yellow flowers and you didn’t get up and rub on me

You just purred but you closed your eyes

Mom said something was wrong

Maybe you had a belly ache

We took you into our house

You wouldn’t eat the cream

I told Mom she had to feed you and you tried to drink from a spoon but you didn’t drink very much

On the third day Mom said you must be really sick

I told Mom you had to go to the doctor

Mom looked in her bank book

I said that I wouldn’t ask her for anymore special things so you could go to the doctor

Mom told the doctor about our new house and the doctor said he could give you youth and eyes

Mom told the doctor how you are my best friend, Socrates, and that i was special and the doctor asked for the money and Mom said I hope you know how special you are, Socrates, and I know you did because you purred

You were in the hospital for three days, Socrates

I visited you and the nurse lady brought you out and said you had a operation and you had the ivy

You were under a red blanket but you couldn’t get up and you didn’t open your eyes but you purred when I told you what was happening in your jungle but today you died, Socrates

I am taking you to our new house, Socrates, and I told the doctor and I told Mom

Mom said we can’t move to our new house now but God will open their hearts

I don’t care, Socrates

You can be in your favorite jungle with the clover and the yellow flowers

I will feed you cream with a spoon and Mom said she will fix you a place to stay with God



  1. Allen:

    Made me cry, fucker…cat and kids, do it every time. Butteflies, too. ‘Course, a sneaky author helps. I’m sitting out a kidney stone; not much poetry in that.

    Mike Goldenberg


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