caterpillar girl


           Tony Teufelskatz lived on Maple Street.  He was nine years old.  He had a big head with lots of brown hair.

Tony always wore a Navy SEAL hat.  Tony always used to say that his father had been a Navy SEAL and said that his father had been killed.  The truth is that Tony never knew his father.

Everyone called Tony “Captain Caterpillar” because he always collected caterpillars.  Tony had a big glass aquarium in which he kept the butterflies and moths that the caterpillars turned into.  He would let them go after he apologized to them.

Everyone thought Tony was weird.  You were never sure that he was telling the truth.  But his butterflies and moths knew him.  They fluttered together inside that aquarium to be at the glass nearest where ever Tony stood.  It was weird.  They acted like they loved him but people would say it was only because he fed them.  Tony always asked back how was that any different from any parent’s kids.  Weird.

Tony was ashamed that when he was a child he would catch butterflies and moths and cruelly throw them into spiders’ webs.  One night he dreamt that he was caught in a spider’s web behind his garage and that a giant spider was coming to get him.  Tony now felt the horror of all his victims.  But then in his dream a butterfly girl came to him and asked him to promise that he would never to be cruel again to her family.  Tony cried that he was sorry.  The butterfly girl said that she was sorry too because Tony could only learn from his own fear of dying.  So Tony swore that he would atone with the rest of his life if the butterfly girl could free him.

The butterfly girl said then that Tony could free himself from his cocoon of cruelty anytime he wanted and Tony awoke and was never the same.

Now my poor life is only a caterpillar and my stories are my butterflies.


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  1. And your stories are wonderful butterflies. Stories come from pain so many times. If it was all easy would here be anything to tell or teach?


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